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Find the Best Water Damage Restoration in Fort Myers, FL

Water damage due to flooding and hurricanes isn’t uncommon in Fort Myers. If your home suffers water damage, you need professional water damage restoration to prevent structural issues and mold. We researched the best water damage restoration in Fort Myers to get your home dry and back to normal after a flood, burst pipe or house fire.

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    ServiceMaster Restore
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    • 60+ years of experience
    • Known for outstanding customer service
    • Available 24/7 for emergencies
    • Available in Fort Myers

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    H2O911 Restoration
    • On call 24/7/365
    • Experts at mitigating water damage to belongings
    • Works directly with insurance companies to address any concerns
    • WRT-certified technicians
    13850 Treeline Ave., Ste. 8
    Fort Myers, FL 33913
    (239) 935-8911
    Florida Dry Restoration Services
    • 30-minute arrival & no upfront costs
    • MICRO- & IICRC-certified technicians
    • Direct insurance billing
    • Pollution, professional & general liability insurance
    12451 Metro Pkwy., Ste. 106
    Fort Myers, FL 33966
    (239) 334-4884
    Jarvis Property Restoration
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Guaranteed one-hour response time
    • 24-hour emergency service
    • IICRC-certified technicians
    28720 S. Diesel Dr., Ste. 13
    Bonita Springs, FL 34135
    (888) 452-7847
    • Open 24 hours
    • servprocentralftmyers.com
    1685 Target Ct., Ste. 22
    Fort Myers, FL 33905
    (239) 334-8700
    Mr. and Mrs. Restore
    • Open 24 hours
    • mrandmrsrestore.com
    10080 Intercom Dr., Ste. A8
    Fort Myers, FL 33913
    (239) 529-6100
    FP Property Restoration
    • Open 24 hours
    • floridadry.com
    204 Center Rd.
    Fort Myers, FL 33907
    (888) 595-1105
    Environmental Services Group
    • Open 24 hours
    • swflmoldremoval.com
    6068 Eagle Watch Ct.
    Fort Myers, FL 33917
    (239) 731-0102
    Armstrong Water Mold Cleanup & Restorations
    • Open 24 hours
    • armstrongwatermoldcleanup.com
    1230 Hemingway Dr.
    Fort Myers, FL 33912
    (239) 541-4200
    • Open 24 hours
    • rytechinc.com
    2149 Andrea Ln., Ste. 1
    Fort Myers, FL 33912
    (239) 330-2278
    Captain Cleanup
    • Open 24 hours
    • captaincleanup.com
    8096 New Jersey Blvd.
    Fort Myers, FL 33967
    (239) 687-3577

    Fire and water damage restoration companies in Fort Myers


    Fort Myers homeowners often encounter flooding issues. High summer rainfall causes flooding, and, in August alone, the average rainfall in Fort Myers is over 9 inches. Hurricane season also makes flooding a distinct possibility for much of Fort Myers. Whiskey Creek, McGregor and parts of Briarcliff are all in flood zones.

    Sometimes, nature isn’t to blame for water damage in Fort Myers. Leaking roofs and plumbing problems can also cause water damage inside homes. This type of water damage can vary significantly depending on the source of the water. Clean water is the safest possibility, but black water from sewage can pose severe health risks.

    Regardless of the source, if there’s water in your home where it shouldn’t be, you need water damage restoration in Fort Myers to get your home back to normal. Without professional repairs, you risk structural damage and making your house a breeding ground for toxic mold and bacteria.

    Fire damage restoration in Fort Myers

    Even fires can indirectly cause water damage in Fort Myers; the water used to extinguish a house fire can be as ruinous as any flood or leak. In this situation, consider working with a company that specializes in fire damage restoration in Fort Myers. Smoke and fire damage are significant on their own, so, in addition to handling the water damage, the company should perform:

    • Odor removal
    • Soot removal
    • Surface repairs for visible fire damage

    Not all water damage restoration companies also do fire restoration, so research to find the right company.

    How much does water damage restoration cost in Fort Myers?

    On average, water damage restoration costs over $2,000. However, that number can vary greatly. Companies usually charge per square foot, but add on the price of materials. All of the following impact the cost:

    • Size of the damaged area
    • Source of the water (sewage water is more costly than potable water)
    • Amount of time the water sits
    • Type of materials damaged
    • Whether or not the damage is structural
    • Whether or not mold removal is necessary
    • Homeowners insurance covers water and fire damage caused by listed perils, but it’s worth noting that this excludes floods and negligence.

    How to choose a water damage restoration company in Fort Myers

    Before you pick a company, ask a few questions. For example, ask about their emergency response time. Find out if they handle the work in-house or contract it out. Seek out companies that are insured and have trained technicians. Ask about their qualifications. For instance, reputable companies have a relationship with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

    Ask for a complete list of services as well. Often, a water damage cleanup company will also handle mold removal, but not all water damage restoration companies offer every kind of service. For instance, some companies don’t offer emergency water removal even though letting water sit in your home could cause more damage. Look for a company that can respond quickly and handle the job with skill.

    Fire and Water Damage Restoration Reviews

    ServiceMaster Restore

    This nationwide company has more than 60 years of experience in the industry. ServiceMaster Restore prides itself on its customer service, with 24/7 availability for emergencies. Many customers rave about its quick response times and quality service.

    ServiceMaster Restore (844) 887-0734