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By giving you shelter from the sun and rain, an awning makes it possible for you to enjoy your yard throughout the year. We researched the best awnings in Fort Myers to find you an awning company with quality products, quick installations and positive reviews.

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How to choose an awning in Fort Myers

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Homes and businesses throughout Fort Myers benefit from awnings. If you’re a homeowner in Lehigh Acres or Buckingham Estates, you might want to make your backyard more liveable with a patio awning or keep the sun from heating your home with a window awning.

Business owners in downtown Fort Myers and other pedestrian-friendly areas benefit from working with awning companies as well. For instance, window awnings allow pedestrians to stop and look at your products regardless of the weather, while front door awnings make businesses more welcoming to customers.

Before you choose an awning, you need to consider a few factors such as the:

  • Size of the awning
  • Location of your home or business
  • Style of the building

One of the most important factors for people considering an awning is the weather. Fort Myers gets plenty of rain to make an awning worthwhile, and the monthly average wind speeds peak at a mild 9 mph in March. However, a retractable awning is still a good option because you can retract it when the winds are high during hurricanes or tropical storms.

Types of awnings

There are many different types of awnings. When picking an awning in Fort Myers, you first need to choose the material. Some common options include:

  • Aluminum awnings
  • Other metal awnings
  • Canvas awnings
  • Vinyl awnings

In Fort Myers, the potential for high winds makes metal awnings a good choice since fabric tends to rip. However, you can also prevent that from happening with a retractable awning and some preparation.

The downside to metal deck awnings is noise. On a rainy day, the sound of the rain on a metal awning can be distracting. Fabric retractable awnings don’t make as much noise, but they are more expensive.

Awning installation in Fort Myers

Some awnings are easier to install than others. In fact, some don’t even require professional installation.

If you do want your awning professionally installed in Fort Myers, the cost varies depending on the type of awning. For example, a retractable awning requires more labor than canvas or metal awnings. Check if your awning company in Fort Myers offers free installations.

If your window, patio or door awnings are not permanently fixed to your home’s structure, your installer does not need a Florida contractor’s license. However, some awning companies go above and beyond and obtain licenses anyway. You can verify these licenses with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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SunSetter has been in business for more than 30 years selling both motorized and manual retractable awnings that withstand Florida’s harsh climate. It has a five-year limited service warranty and gives customers a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Consumers comment on SunSetter’s great customer service and quality materials.

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